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Marcus Mariota Injury Update: Titans QB Has Minor Knee Sprain

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network is reporting that Marcus Mariota suffered a minor knee sprain in yesterday's loss to the Patriots.  It sounds pretty similar to the injury he suffered earlier in the year.  The good news here was that the head coach had enough sense to keep him out of the game.

It is probably time to shut Mariota down for the season considering he probably won't be back to 100% in the next 2 weeks.  He has played very well in his rookie year.  There is no doubt that he is the future at quarterback for the Titans.  With the state of the Titans offensive line, the risk of re-injury to Mariota is just to great.

This also gives Zach Mettenberger the chance to showcase his skills.  While I don't think the Titans should be actively trying to trade him, you need a solid back-up in this league, obviously, it wouldn't hurt for Mett to play well enough to generate some interest.  If a team was willing to offer a third round pick for Mett, that would be something the Titans would have to consider.