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Halftime changes the Titans have to make.

The Titans need to do something different.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are getting blown out by the New England Patriots right now, and there is no one change that will make any big difference. If they have any hope of not getting embarrassed on national television any longer, here are some changes they have to make.


Someone get open

Remember early in the Mularkey regime where they would call clever pick plays and scheme up delayed routes from the tight ends, well apparently that was working too well so they stopped trying. Instead this team is trying to live off of tight end wheel routes and out routes. That won't work with this team, get it together.

Chance Warmack, come on

The offensive line issues aren't all on him by any means, but it is just two steps forward one step back with Warmack. He isn't getting push when it matters and he is getting destroyed as a pass blocker. This team needs someone dependable at the guard position and right now I'm not sure that Warmack deserves to have a safe spot on this team next year.


More interior blitzes

The Patriots are clearly weak inside and Jurrell Casey is having a field day with one-on-one matchups. However, instead of capitalizing on that, the Titans refuse to send pressure up the middle to isolate the big man. Brady isn't afraid to give up on a play early if he is pressured, but if you just let him pick you apart you are dead in the water.

More DaQuan Jones, less Karl Klug

Klug is a fun pass rusher, but as a run stopper he is just getting destroyed. He gambles and takes the inside gap too often and as a penetrator. The Patriots keep gashing the Titans because they aren't staying in their gaps, this won't change if Klug stays in.