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What to wish for today on defense

Tis the season.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It is Christmas time, and everyone is entitled to a wish or two around then, even if you are a Titans fan. Here is what fans should wish for in this game against the Patriots.

Get a meaningful interception

Does anyone remember the last time that the Titans had a real meaningful turnover in a game? There have been a few fumbles including a bad snap from the Jaguars that was key in winning that game. However, even when there are turnovers it seems like it isn't the Titans forcing them, it is the other team making a mistake.

Can you guess which Titan leads the team in interceptions? Michael Griffin? Nope, only one. Avery Williamson, nope just one. It has to be Perrish Cox right? Nope, just one. The answer is a tie between Zach Brown and Coty Sensabaugh, both of which only have two picks. The team as a whole only has 10 all year.

That is just terrible, and with a team like the Patriots who haven't been playing as tight lately, it will be interesting to see just how risky Brady is willing to be. Either way, this team needs to make something happen on defense and if they can't get to the quarterback, then they need to affect the passing game in another way.