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What to wish for today on offense

Tis the season.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It is Christmas time, and everyone is entitled to a wish or two around then, even if you are a Titans fan. Here is what fans should wish for in this game against the Patriots.

A three touchdown game from Marcus Mariota

The New England Patriots have allowed points in a variety of ways this year, but twice they have allowed a passer to come in and throw for three touchdowns. Four times, they have let the opposing quarterbacks throw for two touchdowns, which means that in roughly have of their games they have allowed two or more touchdown passes.

Marcus Mariota is a very good quarterback who isn't getting the respect he deserves around the media. Sure they say he is exceeding expectations, but he is doing more than that. He is a record breaker on pace for some major accomplishments, and he is doing it with a handful of players that wouldn't start on other teams in the league, and Delanie Walker.

Mariota is a great quarterback whose confidence and skill are apparent, even when everything is in the tank. Physically he is as impressive as any quarterback who has come out in the last 10 years, except for maybe Cam Newton. From an accuracy standpoint, he is already head and shoulders above where he needs to be in an offense that can't roll out the same offensive targets on a week to week basis.

Titans fans should wish that he gets three passing touchdowns today, because that will set him up nicely to be on pace to break the rookie record for passing touchdowns. He needs a strong finish to do it, and this would be a great start.