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Titans' 2016 NFL Draft Notebook: 12/2

Here's everything that we know to this point.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With just five weeks left on the NFL regular season schedule, the Titans' currently hold the number one overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft.  When you look at the final five games on the schedule, it's hard to find any more wins.  This weekend may be the Titans' final shot at a victory as the Jaguars come to town.  After that it's the Jets, Patriots, Texans and Colts.  The ceiling for this season appears to be 3-13, which may be generous.

So where does that leave the Titans in the draft?  It looks like they've locked down a top three selection at the worst. We'll know more after the Jaguars game on Sunday, but I don't see them winning any of the last four games.

Joey Bosa or Laremy Tunsil?

You better study up on these two prospects.  They'll be the subject of a sure to be heated debate going forward.  The Titans have seen plenty of Tunsil, including a personal visit from Ruston Webster himself.  However, Titans' scouts have been all over Ohio State too.

Don't rule out Jalen Ramsey, either.  If the Titans were to fall to pick three or four, Ramsey would be a great option. They've been in on Ramsey from the get-go, attending several practices throughout the season.

Tennessee has been all over safety prospects this season, now it looks like they're getting a look at Duke safety Jeremy Cash.  Cash is probably an early day two prospect. If the Titans go Bosa or Tunsil, they'll be in on some day two defensive backs.

Draft News

The underclassmen declarations are starting to roll in.  It's early, but we have five declarations so far.

  • Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott
  • South Carolina WR Pharoh Cooper
  • Georgia EDGE Leonard Floyd
  • Maryland EDGE Yannick Ngakoue
  • UCLA LB Myles Jack