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Breaking down the two sacks of Marcus Mariota against the Raiders

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota was sacked twice in the loss to the Oakland Raiders.  Khalil Mack got Marcus both times, and both times Mack beat right tackle Byron Bell to make the play.  There isn't a person reading this right now that couldn't have put up a better effort than Bell on these plays.  Don't believe me?  Watch:

Bell just falls down there.  He doesn't even really fall in Mack's direction.

Here is the second one:

He did at least make Mack change directions on that one.

It hurts me to see people talking about the Titans taking an offensive tackle with what is inevitably going to be a top-5 pick.  That hurts me a little.  There are plenty of teams out there who find tackles without spending an early pick on them.  Heck, the Titans were once one of those teams.  They had one of the best tackle combinations in football for a long time in Michael Roos and David Stewart.  They took those guys in the 2nd and 4th rounds respectively.