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Todd McShay 2016 NFL Mock Draft

The ESPN analyst thinks the Titans will go defense first overall.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Todd McShay has the Titans taking Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa in his newly released mock draft.  Bosa is the consensus top defender in this class and will continue to get number one overall hype.

McShay explained:

"Even with the Titans' apparent needs on offense, it would be hard for them to pass on the best player in the draft. Bosa is scheme-versatile, with experience playing defensive end on both sides and moving inside to defensive tackle on obvious passing downs. And with 51.0 tackles for loss in 40 career games, he has the production you look for in a top pick."
I wouldn't mind Joey Bosa, simply because he's a can't miss talent.  He's a difference maker on defense and would give the Titans an outstanding front seven.  It's unclear what scheme the Titans will be running next season, but Bosa can operate in both.  I think the 4-3 fits him a bit better, but he wouldn't have any trouble finding a home in a 3-4 either.  He can get after the passer and stop the run.  You can't go wrong with guys like that.

The other option for the Titans is Laremy Tunsil, which McShay has falling to pick number seven.  This is a big surprise to me, being that Tunsil is widely regarded as a top three talent.

What do you think of McShay's selection?