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Gil Brandt ranks the 2014 and 2015 quarterback draft classes

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has the right to their opinion, even if it is a wrong opinion.  Gil Brandt is a person who has an opinion that happens to be wrong.  Yesterday he ranked the quarterbacks that have been drafted in the last two drafts.  Here is how he ranked them:

Look, you cannot deny the numbers that Blake Bortles is putting up this year.  30 touchdowns and 3,524 yards is nothing to sneeze at, but man, give Marcus Mariota those weapons and see what happens.  Mariota's QBR and QB rating are better than what Bortles has put up this year, and are a million times better (estimation) than what Bortles did in his horrific rookie year.

There is a 100% chance that Mariota has a better career than Bortles.  100%!