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Did the Titans give max effort yesterday?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was the first time since Mike Mularkey took over that the Titans didn't appear to give max effort.  The media asked Mike Mularkey about what looked like a lack of effort at times yesterday.  Mularkey mentioned this play where Perrish Cox decided to let Bilal Powell walk right into the end zone:

Paul Kuharsky asked Cox about the play after the game and here was his response:

"There was no way for me to really get there. Even if I would have shot it and cut him, he would have landed in the end zone. There was no way for me to get there."

To which I say, that's absolute crap. Cox was squared up with the chance to keep Powell from getting into the end zone. A good form tackle there at least gives him a chance. Cox decided just to put a shoulder into him and concede the 6 points. Mularkey should have sat Cox down for the rest of the game after this play. (and to be fair, Michael Griffin had an absolute whiff before Cox decide to let Powell walk in, but at least Griff appeared to try)

Jason Wolf of The Tennessean asked Delanie Walker today about the perceived lack of effort from the team yesterday:

The only feather Mularkey had in his cap for me before yesterday's game was that the team was still playing hard for him.  They didn't do that yesterday.