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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: offense

One small change.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans just had a putrid day on offense. They didn't score a point in the first half, and the only way they managed to get in the endzone was with a trick pass to Marcus Mariota for a touchdown.

This team just did a poor job all around. Receivers couldn't separate, running backs couldn't get any yards, offensive linemen missed stunts and failed to block up front, but non of those are the things I would change. What I would change is...

Call better plays

I mean seriously, the play calling was terrible. Nothing was working and seemingly every play was a max-protect, play action pass. Now that is fine, but it definitely loses some teeth when the Titans can't get anything going on the ground. The other problem with that is, sometimes the best way to beat a blitzing defense is with screens and quick passes that get your skill position players in the open field.

This team doesn't have anyone at the receiver position that can win a one-on-one matchup, as hard as that is to take you have to understand that as the offensive coordinator. So you can't call what a normal play caller would call, you have to be creative.

I would have loved to see more rub routes like they showed early in the game. Not only did the Titans only do it once or twice despite it working, they failed to run any fake rubs either. If something works you have to know that you can now use that for real, or use it as a bluff. Either way, it is a weapon the Titans didn't use.

Finally, move the quarterback's launch point. I don't understand why you can call designed run plays for Marcus Mariota, but you won't call designed roll outs for him that allow him to capitalize on his movement. That is how you beat a blitzing team, you don't win by leaving your QB behind a bad center, an unproven left guard, and a right guard who has shown he has to hold to win in the passing game.

You have Marcus Mariota who is a wildcard on the defense, he can do anything. Use him, be creative and don't make it easy for defenses to beat you.