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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: defense

A small change I would make.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans lost today and they did it in spectacular fashion. Though the defense gained some composure in the second half, they just couldn't get any negative plays going and that almost always results in a loss.

So, which small change would I make?

More Cody Riggs

I said this last week in that i suggested that maybe Blidi Wreh-Wilson had shown enough to give up on him, but little did I know that another BWW would be victimized this week. Webb the Titans street free agent CB who has shown some things played the worst game of his career on Sunday.

Now, to be fair he was matched up with Eric Decker for the majority of the game, and when he wasn't he had an even tougher task in fighting off Brandon Marshall. However, it wasn't necessarily the matchups that gave him issues, it was the technique he played with.

He was always tentative and played too far off in coverage. On top of that, he let himself get bullied and was never the player to initiate contact.

On the other hand, on the handful of plays that we saw Riggs on he was in good coverage. I say that, because I can only remember seeing him once on defense and that was a big pass break up on Decker. Riggs plays very well and I don't really care what you say contrary to that because the tape backs me up.

He has also earned a shot to start after his great play on special teams. As a gunner, he and Tre McBride are showing up consistently and they almost always beat their man. That has a lot to do with effort and athletic ability, both of which the defense is desperately lacking in the secondary.

Riggs has earned a spot and he may be the best corner on this team right now, based on how many plays he makes compared to how rarely he loses so play him more. It is simple.