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Ian Rapoport with some interesting for the 2016 Tennessee Titans

Two points that could be significant to next year's Titans.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport is one of the few in the national media who reports things from "sources" in Tennessee that I actually believe. While others throw around rumors and conjecture, I feel like he has good insight more often than not.

This morning the NFL media insider really said two things that stuck out to me for the 2016 Tennessee Titans, the first is fairly obvious, but the second I hadn't thought about.

Ruston Webster not safe:

This isn't crazy or unexpected, but it is something that none of us were really talking about after a week where Marcus Mariota made history and DGB looked like a steal. However there are plenty of reasons to both like and dislike Webster. Some people will always think of him as the guy who traded up for Justin Hunter. Other people will look at him as the guy who brought in Brian Orakpo, Perrish Cox, Dick LeBeau, and drafted Marcus Mariota, DGB, Taylor Lewan, DaQuan Jones, and Avery Williamson.

The next Titans running back?

This tweet was later followed by many guessing that Spiller would likely be a free agent next year. For a team needing a running back I love the idea of the Titans going out this year and getting a bridge running back with experience.

While I have been set on Matt Forte or Marshawn Lynch, Spiller may be just hat the doctor ordered. He is a dynamic running back in space who can take a ball to the house. He is also a much better emergency return man option than anything the Titans have now.

The combination of Spiller, Antonio Andrews, David Cobb, and Marcus Mariota in the backfield allows you to have much more flexibility in your scheme. If Hue Jackson comes to Tennessee, Spiller could be his carbon copy of Giovanni Bernard, to compliment his running game.