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Is Ryan Fitzpatrick the long-term answer for the New York Jets?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Salmon of Gang Green Nation was nice enough to answer 5 questions about his New York Jets for us.

1. Will the Jets be looking at drafting a quarterback or are they content to ride another year for two with FitzMagic?

I suspect they re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick at the end of the year for a two year deal. It’s hard to tell what their feelings are on Bryce Petty. They seem to like him, but are also terrified of him touching the field this year. If I had to guess, they dump Geno Smith, and draft a quarterback only if there’s someone they’re in love with. Otherwise, I think they sign some free agent to backup Fitzpatrick.

2. There were a ton of Titans' fans who wanted the Titans to take Leonard Williams. He was billed as the best player in the draft. Has he lived up to the hype?

Yes. It’s difficult to shine on a line featuring Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson, but Williams has done just that. In fact, there are many who aren’t super impressed by him, but I think that’s just because they’re so used to Wilkerson/Richardson. They’ve asked Williams to do a lot all over the line, and he’s done well.

3. Chris Ivory started the season off hot but has tailed off. Is he still the Jets workhorse back? What do you expect from the running backs in this game?

He was injured midway through but appears to be back to his normal normal ground-shaking ways. I always expect of a lot of the New York Jets running backs. Since Ivory seems to be healthy again, and Bilal Powell was arguably one of the MVPs of last week’s game, I think they lean heavily on the backfield to get it done.

4. Give us one player we have never heard of who will have a major impact on this game.

I’ll give you two. On defense, Marcus Williams is back. Williams is the fourth cornerback on the depth chart, but is currently tied for third in the league with five interceptions. He’s a game changer, and if Darrelle Revis isn’t quite healthy yet, Williams will take his spot on the field.

On offense, Quincy Enunwa. When Enunwa was suspended for four games, the offense effectively shut down. Enunwa doesn’t have eye-popping stats, but he opens up the offense significantly due to his blocking and receiving ability.

5. Write the headline in Sunday's Tennessean.

"Red Ruffed Lemur Escapes From Nashville Zoo."

Uh, please don’t hate me, but there’s a good chance it’s "Tennessee Titans Mathematically Eliminated from Playoffs." Sorry guys.