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NFL Pro Bowl Voting Update: Delanie Walker is not in the top 10

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Look, Pro Bowl voting is a sham.  People just vote for players that play on their favorite team....not the best player at the position, but even with that being said it is a crime that Delanie Walker is not in the top 10 in votes for tight ends.  Walker ranks 1st in receptions, 4th in yards, and 7th in touchdowns among tight ends.  The TD number would be higher if Craig Stevens would stop vulturing touchdowns in the red zone.

Here is what you can do:

First, go here and vote for Delanie Walker.  You should also vote for Brian Orakpo and Jurrell Casey.  They also both deserve consideration.  You can just keep on hitting the button for Delanie over and over.  25 times seems like a reasonable amount.

Secondly, take to social media and get the word out for all of your friends/followers to vote Delanie for the Pro Bowl.  It is their civic duty as Titans fans.  The hashtag will be #VoteDelanie.  Get it out there!

Together, we can make change.  We can get Delanie Walker into the mix for Pro Bowl consideration.