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Cary Williams visiting the Titans today

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle just reported that Cary Williams visited the Titans today.  Williams was a 7th round pick of the Titans back in 2008.  They let him go after that season and he signed with the Ravens.  He had a nice career there and turned it into a nice contract from the Philadelphia Eagles.  He struggled there.  They let him go and then he joined the Seahawks who cut him earlier this week.

Williams hasn't been good lately, but he would probably be an upgrade to the Titans secondary.  I wouldn't endorse any deal longer than the rest of this season, but they could plug him in and let him play for the rest of the season.  I would much rather see him on the outside than anyone else on the current roster not named Perrish Cox (although even Cox struggled mightily with Allen Robinson against the Jaguars).

Williams is still at STSP according to Jason Wolf: