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NFL Week 14 National Viewing Map: Will Titans vs. Jets be on your TV?

There is going to come a day when people who live outside of Tennessee and the market where the team that they are playing is located gets the game on TV.  Marcus Mariota will take us to that level, but for now, if you don't live close you aren't going to get to see that game.  That day will also be a day where Delanie Walker can make the Pro Bowl when he deserves it (like he does this year- more on that later).

Here are the viewing maps for all of the game this Sunday:




(Maps courtesy of 506 Sports)

So the whole nation is getting Cowboys at Packers for the afternoon game. That game sounded a lot more attractive when the season started.

The night game is Patriots vs. Texans on NBC. Maybe JJ Watt will wear his letterman jacket before the game. I hope the Patriots hang 60 on them.

The Monday Night Football game features the Giants and the Dolphins. That game could have a lot of fantasy value, so it will be worth watching.