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Tennessee Titans News Links: Running Down The Stretch?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Will Marcus Mariota use his legs more now that he's healthy enough to attack defenses with his legs? Probably a little bit, but honestly he's more effective inside the pocket doing his thing.

I believe that Ruston Webster will be the Titans GM in 2016, as much as I hate that. His 2nd and 3rd round picks have been abominations largely, and you are supposed to get starters in those rounds. Zaviar Gooden will always remain the most worthless pick I've ever seen. Sure, Ruston has been better this year with FA and some of the draft picks (picking Marcus was a no-brainer). However, Poutasi in the 3rd round was a horrible pick. Spain has been a better contributor this year and he is a UDFA.

The Titans had a nice rushing total on Sunday, but that might come to an end, facing the Jets on Sunday. New York boasts the best run defense in the league and I have a hard time imagining us gashing them on the ground.

I love Marcus Mariota.