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Titans get the #8 CBS Crew on Sunday

Handout/Getty Images

Titans vs. Jaguars round 2 takes place in Nashville on Sunday.  The first meeting was in prime time on NFL Network.  The nation was riveted.  This game will not get nearly the same exposure.

In fact, CBS has assigned the #8 crew of Brian Anderson and Tennessee Volunteer fan favorite Chris Simms per Paul Kuharsky.  These two don't even work every week because sometimes CBS doesn't even carry 8 games when the bye weeks are happening.

There's a great day coming, a great day coming bye and bye where the Titans will be the featured game on CBS.  They will have the coveted 3:25 spot and be the game featured on the commercial during the 2:30 CBS SEC game on Saturdays.

How do I know that day is coming? Because we have Marcus Mariota.  He is going to lead us to the promised land.  But for now, we get to listen to guys that barely made the cut to be announcers.