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Taylor Lewan playing *NSYNC with his draft position lately

See what I did there?

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago Derrick Mason ripped Taylor Lewan.  In short, he talked about how Lewan has spent more time trying to be pretty than trying to play good football.  He suggested that Lewan go to Bridgestone Arena here in Nashville and try out for the Backstreet Boys.

Well, Lewan has stepped up his game over the last month.  See this Tweet from Paul Kuharsky:

That is how you expect a guy you take in the top half of the draft to play.  Hopefully he will continue that upward trend.  We saw a similar trend from Chance Warmack at the end of the year last year but he wasn't able to sustain it.

Hopefully Lewan will erase the need for the Titans to take a tackle early in the 2016 draft with his play the rest of the year.

Now for the obvious question, which "boy band" was better- *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys.  My wife makes fun of me all the time for liking both of these groups.  For me, the edge goes to Backstreet Boys.  Millenium was a fantastic CD.