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It sounds like Sean Payton really might be available at the end of the year

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports has a very interesting article today about the future of Sean Payton in New Orleans.  It basically boils down to drama in the Benson family (Tom Benson is the owner of the Saints).  There is a court battle going on that could give Tom's daughter, Renee, control of the team.  If that happens, it is assumed that Payton will be out- either fired or a mutual agreement to part ways.  Read the linked article for more details.

If Payton does hit the market, he would be the most coveted name by anyone looking for a head coach.  Payton has compiled a 90-57 record with the Saints and has a Super Bowl ring.  As Robinson mentions, Payton has a good reputation for developing quarterbacks.  The Titans have an excellent young quarterback that could develop rather nicely under Payton.

The good news for the Titans is that Mariota was very impressive against Payton's team on Sunday.  Now that game on Sunday isn't going to be enough by itself to get Payton here, but the fact that he wants a lot of control and Ruston Webster is on shaky ground could help.  Amy Adams Strunk should be more than willing to show Webster the door if that is what it takes to get Payton.

There is also a chance that the defensive staff, Dick LeBeau included, could stay intact with Payton as the head coach.  Payton lets Rob Ryan run the defense in New Orleans.  Ryan is no LeBeau, so it stands to reason that he would be comfortable letting LeBeau do his thing here.

This is a situation worth keeping an eye on.