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Titans vs. Panthers: What are the odds?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

WE HAVE LINE MOVEMENT, PEOPLE!!!11 The Panthers vs. Titans game opened with a line of Carolina -6.  It is already down to Titans +4 in some places.  There is some love out there for the Titans.  That's what Mike Mularkey does to people.

In all seriousness, this is an interesting spot for the Panthers.  They are coming off back-to-back emotional wins over the Colts and Packers.  The Green Bay win came on a short week after playing Indianapolis on Monday night.

The Mularkey love meter is set on high right now.  That is premature, but if they are able to rally and get a win against an 8-0 Panthers team, I might just jump on that hype train myself.

The Titans will also get first-hand look at Mike Shula's offense.  There are some, the writer of this post not among them, that think Shula would be a good candidate to be the head coach here.  I am interested to really watch the Panthers on Sunday because I haven't seen them play much outside of last Monday night.