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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: defense

How Dick LeBeau could make this defense even better.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what the box score says, there is no way the Titans should have allowed 28 points. There was a terrible call in the redzone by one of the worst officiating jobs I have seen, where they called Brian Orakpo for about three different penalties in one play where he didn't deserve any. That directly led to a New Orleans Saints touchdown.

So, while 21 points seems great, there is one change I would like to see over this week.

Play Angelo Blackson over Karl Klug on more passing downs.

I have always been pro Karl Klug and I think he can be a very good piece on this defense especially as a rotational penetrating defensive linemen. However, maybe it is time to give the rookie some more looks.

There is a big debate right now over whether the Tennessee Titans should take a defensive lineman like Robert Nkemdiche high in the first round so that the Titans can have a player that is versatile enough to play 5-tech in 3-4 downs and 1-tech in 4-3 downs. Or if the Titans should go after a guy like Vernon Hargreaves III who can make splash plays in the secondary and help a position that has been depleted by injuries.

I think it is time to see what you have from Blackson who has looked very good in limited snaps as a pass rusher. Put him opposite Jurrell Casey when you rotate DaQuan Jones out. Or bump him inside to take over Al Woods or Sammie Hill's spot at nose tackle.

No matter how you get Blackson on the field, you need to find a way because right now he has 2 sacks in about 100 plays, which would make him one of the most efficient 3-4 DL pass rushers in the NFL on a per snap basis.