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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: offense

A look at a small tweak the Titans could make?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to argue with how the Titans played today's game. My big concerns were all answered. More Dorial Green Beckham involvement? Check. Byron Bell being moved to right tackle? Check. Antonio Andrews as the leading rusher on the Titans? Check. Man, what can I pick on the Titans for this week after a great win?

Get David Cobb involved and establish a real power running game.

Look, I know that Dexter McCluster does a good job on zone running plays and when he gets in space he can be a very good player. However, with this offensive line that is much easier said than done. What this team showed today is that they need power runners who aren't going to fall down if someone grabs their ankles. For as hard as McCluster runs, I just don't think he has the body type to do that on a consistent basis.

The Carolina Panthers have the 16th ranked rush defense in the NFL, and if the Titans want to gain some big yardage through the air then they will have to establish themselves on the ground. Today, they did that with Antonio Andrews getting 88 yards on 19 carries today. Despite that success, the running game took a steep decline when McCluster ran the ball getting only 19 yards on 8 carries with a crucial fumble in the redzone.

If they can get similar production from Andrews next week and have David Cobb take those 8-10 snaps as the backup runner and get 40 yards instead of 19, then this offense could be even more efficient and powerful.