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Tennessee Titans cut Terrance West, save draft pick

The Titans make a smart move this weekend.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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The Tennessee Titans made a move right after the preseason to add a tougher runner to the backfield in Terrance West. Well, after some fumbling issues it looks like the Titans will move on and are adding a practice squad CB to replace him.

This move was probably primarily because of West, but it should be noted that the need at cornerback also had something to do with it. The need for CB is even greater now that Jason McCourty has been declared out for the game.

The good thing for Titans fans is that all the team did was trade a conditional 7th round draft choice continent on playing time to get West. Well according to Aaron Wilson those conditions weren't met so the Titans got to test drive West for free.

This is a smart move by Ruston Webster because it gives the Titans back their 7th round pick and it makes it pretty obvious that if the Titans want to run between the tackles they will lean on Antonio Andrews or at the very least Jalston Fowler as a lead blocker. I think that is the way that the Titans have to run the ball if they want to be successful and it is where they have done well so far this season.