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NFL Executives Talk College Coaches That Would Make Good NFL Coaches

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Jeremiah of The NFL Network and Move the Sticks podcast does a thing on his show each week where he sends out a question to 5 NFL personnel executives.  His latest question to that group was which current college coach would make the best NFL coach.  As you might expect, 3 of the 5 people said Nick Saban.  He has been an NFL head coach before and runs a pro style system at Alabama (Jommy does not endorse that message).

The other two names were pretty interesting to me.  The first was Mark Rhule from Temple.  Here is what the executive had to say about him:

He has (one season) under (Giants coach Tom) Coughlin at the NFL level. He's very bright. It's not easy to win at Temple. It might be a little early for him to make that jump, but I really like him.

I really don't know anything about Rhule. I plan on doing some research on him over the next few weeks.

The other name was Kevin Sumlin. Here is what the executive had to say about him:

He's smart and energetic. Players would love him. He'd be the perfect guy to follow up a tough, disciplinarian coach.

Sumlin is a guy that is very intriguing. I reached out to the guys at Good Bull Hunting, SB Nation's Texas A&M blog, for some thoughts on Sumlin. Look for that sometime next week.

Steve Underwood said on 3HL this afternoon that the Titans will be looking for an offensive-minded head coach that can help Marcus Mariota develop into the leader they know he can be. Sumlin could be just that guy.