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Harry Douglas is a big fan of Mike Mularkey

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mularkey and Harry Douglas were together in Atlanta from 2008-2011.  Mularkey was the offensive coordinator and Douglas was a third round pick in 2008.  Jim Wyatt caught up with Douglas yesterday to get his thoughts on the Titans new interim coach:

"I love so much about him,’’ Douglas said of Mularkey. "One of the things I admired so much about him in Atlanta and reuniting back with him here, is his passion for the game and his will to want us to do so good. He’s a good coach and a really good man."

Douglas also went on to say that Mularkey is part of the reason he decided to sign in Tennessee.

The start to the Harry Douglas era in Tennessee hasn't been great. He caught a touchdown in his first game, but has been pretty quiet since- of course he did miss the last two weeks with an injury.

Marcus Mariota likes to throw to Douglas. Pro Football Reference has Douglas with 8 targets in week 2 and 6 targets in week 3. Those numbers could go up with Kendall Wright out of the lineup on Sunday.

He is the only veteran the Titans have out there on Sunday.  No one was under the illusion when Douglas signed that he would put up huge numbers, but he has to step up now that Wright is out of the lineup.