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Tennessee Titans News Links: Long Odds

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jason Wolf writes that Mike Mularkey has a tough hill to climb to be the next head coach of the Titans. Personally I want no part of him as the full time head coach for the Titans, but I think he'll be fine as a placeholder for the remainder of the year.

5 suggestions for the Titans to improve their offense, from Jason Wolf.

Antonio Andrews will be the workhorse back for the Titans says Mularkey. I am very glad we are getting rid of the RBBC. Potassium is also going to LG, rather than RT where he was awful.

PK says that Mularkey sent a strong message with running game work.

Marcus should return against the Saints on Sunday, where he should be in line to light up a porous Saints defense. Just protect him, Mike.

PK looks at 7 guys the Titans should look at to be the next head coach. Hue Jackson is my #1 choice, and the number 1 guy on this list. Jackson has shown the ability to adapt to his personnel, be creative, adjust on the fly, and has experience working on defense and offense, so he understands the personnel on both sides, like a ST coach.