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Tennessee Titans News Links: Well Done, Amy

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the posters (myself included) have given ownership a lot of trouble for seeming detached from the Titans and just treating them like another line item. Turns out they have been paying attention, as they made the tremendous move to sack Ken Whisenhunt early yesterday morning.

My next question is what is the status of current GM Ruston Webster, surely he can't be safe. PK outlines the curious case of Ruston here. He absolutely needs to be gone, whether he hired Whiz or not, as his drafts have not been very good and his FA acquisitions have been poor for the most part.

Jason Michael will assume the play calling in the post-Whiz era.

Mularkey did what Whiz did not, in his very first comment. He assumed some blame for the poor play.

The Titans finally fell to 32 in the power rankings. This is correct.

Chris Mortensen preaches stability for the Titans because he does not understand that coaches that go 3-20 don't magically become better coaches with time.

Failure to adapt sealed Whiz's fate.