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Titans got double screwed on the phantom holding call yesterday

Mike Mularkey said at his Monday press conference today that the NFL told him the 4th down play with the phantom holding call was a "poorly officiated play."  Yeah, no kidding.  The holding call was terrible, but the officials also missed a false start on Michael Crabtree before the play ever started.  (Crabtree is at the bottom of the screen).

The play should have never happened.  The play should have been whistled dead with the Raiders facing a 4th and 13.

Here is the full replay with the "hold" on B.W. Weeb:

To be fair, the camera is really far away, but Amari Cooper doesn't slow down in his route at all.  It's pretty clear that there wasn't a hold there.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like there have been more issues with officiating this year than normal.