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Dick LeBeau defenses historically struggle in the 4th quarter

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have blown the lead in the 4th quarter 4 times this season- including each of the last two weeks.  Had they won all 4 of those games, they would be 6-5 and right in the hunt for the division lead.  They would still be very much alive in the division hunt had they just held on to 2 of those leads.

We are all very excited about the job Dick LeBeau has ever done.  He took a defense that was miserable last year and made it really good.  He is even doing it while running Coty Sensabaugh and Blidi Wreh-Wilson out there at corner.

All of that is good, but they have had trouble getting that knockout blow that ends a game.  Sure, they got a bad call yesterday after they had stopped the Raiders, but they still had a chance to keep them out of the end zone.  Apparently blowing 4th quarter leads is nothing new for defenses coached by LeBeau.  Check this article written by Scott Kacsmar back in 2012.

Here is an excerpt that tells the story:

Since 2007, the Steelers’ defense has faced a total of 125 drives in the fourth quarter and overtime when tied or leading by 1-8 points. They have allowed 22 touchdowns and 25 field goals (231 points). It works out to 1.85 points per drive, which would have ranked 21st in the league in 2011, a below-average defense. Fifteen of the touchdown drives have been at least 70 yards in length, and nine were more than 80 yards.

Pittsburgh has allowed 20 game-winning drives, 12 game-tying drives, and 10 go-ahead drives which came during games where the offense would regain the lead for a win. They also allowed five field goals when leading by 5-7 points. That means 78 "stops", though some of those drives were in the final seconds when the opponent had no realistic opportunity.

Go read the whole article because it gives a lot of really good stats.

Again, LeBeau has done a great job. There is no doubt about that, but his staying or going should have zero influence on who this team hires to be the head coach.

Even if you take out the stuff above, LeBeau is 78 years old.  He probably doesn't want to coach for that many more years.

They need to find the best guy to help Marcus Mariota develop into a franchise quarterback- regardless of whether or not that guy will keep LeBeau.