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Tennessee Titans News Links: Number One

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans as of right now have the first pick in the NFL draft. So, at the very least we will have the ability to draft a blue chip player (Joey Bosa) to put on our team. Until then, we have to endure this team. Yesterday in our horrible display, Marcus threw for his career worst completion percentage. Kendall was also really poor. The run defense was above average. Overall, yesterday really showcased our needs for an improved O line (Alex Mack and Andre Smith in FA please), WRs, a CB, and a Safety (Weddle/Berry/Iloka/Gipson in FA please).

The Tennessean has a good piece on the Titans and looking to the Raiders for improvement. The Titans need to give Marcus a lot of help, so the goal this offseason should be giving him weapons and an offensive line. There isn't a WR worth taking with pick #1, but you can get a good one (Michael Thomas, Doctson, Coleman are possibilities) in the second round.

The run game got a F on the report card for yesterday's game. The grade was well deserved.