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Ken Whisenhunt is gone; What changes will the Titans make?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Titans ownership finally woke up and pulled the plug on the Ken Whisenhunt regime.  Mike Mularkey takes over a team that is 1-6 but not out of the hunt with how bad the division is.  He needs to take a look at what the Titans can successfully do and highlight those things.  It starts with running the football.

Mularkey was the offensive coordinator in Atlanta when the Falcons drafted Matt Ryan.  He did a great job with Ryan in his rookie season.  The Falcons went 11-5 that season.  How did he do it?  This from a guy some of you might remember, SuperHorn:

He did it by relying on a strong running game to help his rookie quarterback.  Michael Turner had 376 carries for 1,699 yards and 17 touchdowns this season.  I am not suggesting that you are going to see numbers similar to those from the Titans running backs, but I think you will see an uptick in rushing attempts.

David Cobb is eligible to return from the short-term IR this week.  I would love to see a 2-back system with Cobb and Antonio Andrews.  Those two can grind defenses down.

We also need to see more two tight end formations.  The Titans have 5 tight ends on their roster.  5!  What are you carrying all of those guys for if you aren't going to use them.

The most important thing left in this season is for Mariota to get out alive and with some confidence.  Mularkey can accomplish that with leaning on the running backs and tight ends.