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Tennessee Titans News Links: No Defense

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Whisenhunt said yesterday that there "is not much he can say" in defense of himself, as his 3-20 record with the Titans speaks loud enough for everyone except the decision makers for the Titans.

Fun stat (h/t SuperHorn): On Sunday, 15 of 58 offensive plays for the Titans went for a loss. Nice.

The Titans already are thin at receiver, with just the quartet of Wright, Hunter, Douglas, and DGB. Unfortunately, Wright may be out for a bit with an MCL sprain. This leaves Justin Hunter, Douglas (maybe), DGB, and Rico Richardson as the WRs for Sunday's contest against the Saints. The Titans need to get DGB more involved or else this is going to be another craptacular day for the offense.

Watt and Whitney had 7 sacks on Sunday in large part because of Whiz's inability to change protections and leave one on one match-ups. Our offensive line is not good, so stop calling plays like it is.