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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: defense

How this team can be more successful defensively.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans defense wasn't their normal dominant selves tonight, and there are going to be games like that. If this is the floor for this team, then they are a top-10 defense and they have to win football games with that sort of play on the defensive side of the ball.

However, if they can't win with a performance like they had today, then they have to find a way to be better. What small thing would I change?

Less Karl Klug, More Angelo Blackson

Over the past few years there haven't been many people more excited and hopeful about Karl Klug than me. I love his effort and his quick swim move that make him a good 3-tech in sub packages. However, right now Jurrell Casey as the gold standard at 3-tech and it is hard to move him anywhere put that position when you go to that package.

This has made Karl Klug more of a 5-tech instead of his natural position. If that is the case, he just can't win there. No matter how aggressive he is, he doesn't have the strength to win there consistently.

My change would be to move Angelo Blackson out there to that position and let him play the majority of the snaps instead of Klug. So far, despite having less snaps this year Blackson has had the same number of sacks this year and more run stops than Klug.

I think that Blackson is a more natural fit at the 5-tech and he has the combination of size and strength that you want in this defense. In fact, not only do I think he can be a successful 5-tech, I think he and DaQuan Jones would both be very good 1-techs if the Titans decided to play more 4-3 looks going forward.

Blackson is cheaper and has the upside you want, so unless you are going to move Casey out of his best position, it may make more sense to lean on the rookie rather than Klug.