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Titans-Raiders final score: Tennessee with another home loss 24-21

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Death, taxes and home losses for the Tennessee Titans.  Those are the 3 things that are guaranteed in life.  This team is a lot more competitive than last year's team, but the results are the same.  They are really, really good at finding a way to lose.

Now, the holding call that extended the Raiders drive where they went ahead was complete crap, but the Titans still had plenty of time to drive down and at least get a field goal to get the game to overtime.  They couldn't do it.

Marcus Mariota was pretty inconsistent on the day.  His final numbers weren't good, but it is hard to hit many throws when your offensive line can't block and your receivers can't separate.....not to mention a steady rain storm in the second half.

The defensive backs on this team are horrific.  Perrish Cox is pretty good, he had a couple of nice plays and at least one bad play, but the rest of the guys are terrible.  They have to spend a high pick on a corner...and a receiver...and an offensive lineman...There are just too many holes in this team.