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The Titans Spent Tuesday Night Feeding the Homeless

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans did something really cool last night.  They partnered with an organization in Nashville, The Bridge Ministry, and gave out food to some homeless people in Nashville.  In a world that loves to talk about the negative things that athletes do, I wanted to spend a little time highlighting the good our favorite team is doing in the community.

Here is what Candy Christmas, the CEO/Founder of The Bridge Ministry, had to say about what the Titans did (per Titans Online):

"This is an amazing thing for the homeless, and for the working poor. It is monumental,’’ said Candy Christmas, CEO/Founder of The Bridge Ministry. "The homeless people will say a lot of times people will look around them, or look through them, but don’t actually see them.

"Tonight they are being seen and their needs are being cared for. For the Titans to take their time and give to the community like this, and to take notice of them, it is an amazing Thanksgiving for them. It is not only exciting, it is also very morale boosting for them."

You can see photos from the event here.