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Titans practice notes: Kendall Wright is back, offensive line shuffling again

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans offensive line is terrible.  It has been better since they removed Jeremiah Poutasi from the starting lineup, but it still hasn't been very good.  There is only so much they can do with the guys that are on the roster.  Mike Mularkey continued the shuffle today when he moved Joe Looney to center and worked Poutasi and Quinton Spain at left guard.  A change might not be imminent, but it sounds like Andy Galik will be headed to the bench and Spain will be playing left guard.

Will this help?  Probably not, but it won't hurt.

In other news, everyone sounds confident that Kendall Wright will ready to go this week.  That is huge news.  He comes back in a week where he will have a chance to put up some huge numbers against a bad Oakland defense.  It will be good to have someone else out there besides Delanie Walker who can actually get open.