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Report: "A Whole Bunch" of Eagles Players Don't Like Chip Kelly

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Stephen A. Smith said this morning on First Take, or whatever they are calling that show now, that there are a lot of players in the Eagles locker room that don't like Chip Kelly.  Say what you want about Stephen A., but he is pretty connected in Philadelphia.  This is relevant to us because Kelly's name is going to come up for the Titans job at the end of the season because of his connection to Marcus Mariota.

You can watch the clip from First Take here:

It's easy to make the Kelly to the Titans connection. I don't have a problem with Chip Kelly the head coach, but I don't want Chip Kelly the general manager. Would Kelly be willing to coach somewhere he doesn't have total control?

Keep an eye on how things end up in Philadelphia this season. It seems like there is a really good chance that Kelly will be out at the end of the season if the Eagles don't turn things around. That will make things interesting.