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Antonio Andrews says every game feels like a road game

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a long time since the Titans won a game in Nashville....407 days to be exact.  The last win at home was October 12, 2014 against the Jaguars.  The Nashville media asked Antonio Andrews today about the long home losing streak and he said that every game feels like a road game:

Odds are this Sunday won't be any different.  The Titans stink and the Oakland Raiders, for some reason, have a lot of fans in this area.

The complaint is valid.  There are a lot of opposing fans at Nissan Stadium every week.  There is one way for the players and coaches to fix that problem: WIN SOME GAMES!  Why do you expect fans to come out when you haven't won a home football game in over a year and have only won 3 games total in that time?

I remember when the team fist came here.  Tickets were impossible to get.  Now most people don't want to spend their entire Sunday down there watching a team that doesn't ever win.  They can fix that problem by winning.  Hopefully Antonio can go for 150 on Sunday and end the streak!