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Latest Peyton Manning to Tennessee rumors

What is the latest theory coming out around the league.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

With the Tennessee Titans being so close to Knoxville, any time Peyton Manning gets some buzz about doing something in the offseason you can bet that this team is going to get mentioned.

Well, with some rumors of discord in Denver along with Manning's inevitable retirement coming after this year, it is time for those rumors to start ramping up again. The latest rumor is that the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns could be looking at him to become president.

Jason La Canfora of CBS reported the Tennessee Titans side of it like this:

"With the Browns and Titans already preparing for major changes this offseason, both organizations have strong interest in adding Peyton Manning to the fold should he opt to retire this offseason, sources said.

...The Titans have already essentially wiped their entire organizational slate clean for 2016 from team president on down in what's likely a precursor to a pursuit of Manning, who has told friends for years how much he might enjoy living in Tennessee after his playing days are over.

...The Titans have a team president with an expiring contract, a general manager in limbo and only an interim head coach in place, which would allow the organization's next president a chance to essentially rebuild the entire infrastructure of the team, and to do so with a potential franchise quarterback (Marcus Mariota) in place."

He also mentions that he may take some time post retirement to relax and enjoy the quiet life. However, that does not seem like Manning's personality to sit and watch the NFL pass him by. He is smart and so are his agents and they know getting him a job as quick as possible will keep his brand hot.

Honestly, I don't know if I believe these rumors, but I definitely am not opposed. The President is a job with a mercurial meaning given the control an owner/GM/head coach can have, however having someone with working knowledge on who the best players in the league are is a smart hire. Also, he will have a smart philosophy on how this team should utilize a QB like Marcus Mariota who thrives in the shotgun.

I wouldn't bet on this happening, but if ownership decides that they are in a position to hire either Steve Underwood or Peyton Manning, then that is a strong position to be in.