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Derrick Mason goes off on Taylor Lewan

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Mason opened his radio show on Friday with a pretty epic rant on Taylor Lewan.  You can hear the whole thing here.  My feelings about Mason have been well chronicled here, but he is spot on with what he said here.  Lewan spent this whole offseason talking.  He was out there trying to be the face of the franchise before earning it on the field.

Lewan hasn't played well this season.  They drafted him 11th overall in 2015 to be the left tackle for the next decade.  That hasn't payed off so far, and the offensive line is just one of many reasons that it is time for Ruston Webster to go.

The positive here, as Mason mentioned, is that Lewan still has time to develop into the player the Titans drafted him to be.  Lewan talked a lot this offseason about how the Titans offensive line needed to be more physical.  He was 100% right, but it hasn't played out on the field.  That starts with the left tackle.

And don't even get me started on the whole offensive line walking up to the line of scrimmage last night right before the two minute warning.  I would have pulled all of them off the field if I were Mike Mularkey (I understand that is ridiculous).

Anyway, listen to the clip from Mason.