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It is time for the Ruston Webster era to be over

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans had 4 receivers when they broke camp back in August.  One of them doesn't really know how to run routes and falls down when he catches the ball.  One of them can't catch.  One of them can't get open.  One of them can't do anything at all.

I will let you sort through that and figure out which one is which, but I think it is fairly obvious.  What is the common denominator with all 4 of those guys?  Ruston. Webster.  It is time for Webster to go.  Amy Adam Strunk stepped up to the plate and got rid of Ken Whisenhunt.  She needs to do the same thing this week with Webster.

Now does it really matter if it happens now or at the end of the season?  No.  This isn't like the situation with Whiz where he was going to get the franchise quarterback killed, but it still needs to be done.

I was willing to wait before passing final judgement on Webster to see how much of the personnel problems were the bizarre way Whisenhunt used guys.  That was part of the problem, but it wasn't all of it.  This team doesn't have enough talent on it to compete.

It's time for Webster to go.