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Tennessee Titans News Links: Cellar Dwellars

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are the worst team in the worst division in football. Only one team in the NFL can claim that, so that is neat. Last night's loss was absolutely terrible and pretty much reconfirmed my thoughts of a top 3 draft pick in the spring. I also think it probably ends any chance of Michael Mularkey staying on as a full time HC with us and also may have spelled doom for Ruston Webster, the GM who has somehow used an abundance of resources on the O-line and yet they are worse than what we started with. Another amazing feat.

One of few bright spots on this team is Marcus Mariota, who continues to prove that he is a franchise QB. Now hopefully we can get him some weapons this offseason, and build a line to protect him. The defense is good enough to win games right now. It needs help, but it's good enough. The offensive line needs a RT, C, and maybe a LG if Poot can't play it. Alex Mack would be a good use of money, as would Andre Smith of the Bengals if we hired Hue Jackson. We need receivers, as Wright is the only proven WR, and DGB and Hunter are still developing. We also need a running back badly. Someone that can really break the game open. Andrews is a nice complimentary piece, but most likely not good enough to be the workhorse.