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Tennessee Titans News Links: IsWhizGone.Com

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let me introduce you all to my new favorite website. It will give you the answer to the only question that matters regarding the Titans. Is Whiz gone? Well, is he? I'm hoping he gets canned today, but I doubt that happens. The owners are too far detached from football related things.

The Titans are still looking for answers on a day where nothing clicked on offense, against one of the league's worst teams. We are the worst.

Game ball for yesterday's game goes to Brett Kern who was the MVP of a terrible loss.

Bishop Sankey had a howler of a game, fumbling twice on KO attempts, and being moved even further down the RB pecking order. I'm sure he will be inactive against the Saints next week as Cobb comes off the IR. Lewan and Mett were also terrible.

Mett got sacked 7 times yesterday, in part because of the O-line, in part because Whiz doesn't believe in helping the struggling O line, and in part because Mett has incredibly slow NFL processing speed.