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How Many Games Can the Titans Win?

How many wins can you find?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Here we sit.  Week eight of the NFL season is coming to a close and the Tennessee Titans are 1-6.  After showing so much promise during week one, things have gone south in a hurry.  The organization is in shambles.  There is no clear decision maker at the helm.  It's a disaster.

I would make a case for Ken Whisenhunt to be fired, but I'm not entirely sure who has the power to make such a change.  So here we are.  No hope of changes coming; the Titans just keep taking losses.

It seems like we start this watch earlier and earlier each season. Before this week, the Titans were holding down the number three slot in the 2016 NFL Draft.  The Lions and Ravens were each slotted ahead of the Titans, but with a Ravens win this week, the Titans move up to number two.

As I check out the upcoming Titans' schedule, it's really hard to find wins.  Take a look.

@ Saints? Nope.

vs. Panthers? Nope.

@ Jaguars? Maybe.

vs. Raiders? Nope.

vs. Jaguars? Maybe.

@ Jets? Nope

@ Patriots? Not even close.

vs. Texans? Possibly.

@ Colts? Will the Colts be resting their starters? We'll see.

Could the Titans legitimately finish 1-15?  Personally, I doubt it.  I think Marcus Mariota comes back and makes a big difference in a few of these games.  However, what is the cap on wins?  I see two or three more at a maximum. It's a virtual lock that they'll be picking in the top five once again.