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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: offense

What I would change for the Tennessee Titans.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans did what they have done best this year: make bad decisions and lose games. This is another one that hurts because that team was terrible and this team just fell apart. So, what small thing would I change?

Less Dexter McCluster

I think there is a common misconception that because Dexter McCluster has played running back and has played receiver, that he is dynamic. But honestly I can't remember a game where he has consistently looked dynamic. So, why force him into a role he isn't suited for?

If I were the Tennessee Titans my first move this week would be to get David Cobb some immediate snaps as the second running back in this offense. With the offensive line that the Tennessee Titans have, they don't have the blocking for a running back that has patience and finds the hole. They need a running back who has the power to blow up missed assignments and to push offensive linemen forward when they stop in the hole.

While Cobb doesn't have the strength of Andrews, he has some power and has a higher top speed so he is probably the best overall running back the Titans have. So, get him some reps and stop with the McCluster experiment.

The other move I would make is, move Tre McBride to the receiver spot that McCluster is playing now. If you want to spread it out, play McBride who at least might be dynamic. Let him learn the playbook this week and slowly adjust to a minor, defined role on the long week.