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Titans vs. Jaguars Prediction Thread

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Thursday Night Football is almost upon us. It is time to get your predictions in for tonight's game. The biggest surprise to me this week has been just how confident the Jags' fans are that they are going to win this game. In the words of Lee Corson, "Not so fast my friend."

I am by no means going to guarantee a Titans win here, but there isn't much different in these two teams. The Jaguars do have 1 more win, but that shouldn't have ever happened. It was a result of an officiating mistake that the NFL admitted. Both of these teams are 2-7.

Enough about that. Here's to hoping that the Titans go down to Jacksonville and kick their butts. Nothing would make me happier than for Marcus Mariota to have a great game and for Blake Bortles to throw a couple of picks.

Give your prediction for the score below. We will see how close we get as a site.