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Titans need to get after Blake Bortles tonight

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I am still not sold on Blake Bortles, but he has made a a lot of improvements to his game.  Last year the way to win fantasy match-ups was to pick the defense that the Jags were facing.  It didn't matter if the defense was good or not.  Bortles was going to throw them the ball.

Kevin Seifert did a nice job of breaking down how much better Bortles has been against pressure this year here.  So while some of the numbers are better, Bortles has still thrown 11 picks in 9 games.  Defenses can still get to him but they have to be smart about it.  Bortles is really good when he extends the play.  He can run, he averages 7 yards per attempt, and he can find receivers when he breaks contain.

The Titans did a pretty good job last week on being smart in the way they blitzed Cam Newton.  They sacked him 5 times and held him to 23 yards on 9 runs.  They should take the same approach against Bortles.  Don't let him get comfortable in the pocket, but don't let him break contain.  Making Bortles throw from duress under the pocket will lead to good things for the Titans.