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Tennessee Titans News Links: Gameday!

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Thursday Night Football is upon us. The Titans and the Jags play in a game that could help shape the division.

Because the division is so bad, both of these teams are in the running for the AFC South Crown.

The Tennessean takes a look at who has the edge in tonight's matchup between the Jags and the Titans.

The Jaguars have the edge on offense, while the Titans have an edge on defense. So it will be strength against strength tomorrow night. Hopefully Riggs, BWW, BWW, Cox, Coty and Sense can all step up against a very talented Jaguars receiving core.

Titans Online goes behind enemy lines in their preview of the Jaguars from Duval County.

Tre McBride was elevated to the roster and will hopefully make an impact. The Titans will be without Hunter and Wright, and will need all the help they can get because Douglas got most of the snaps this past week.