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5 Questions with Big Cat Country: Faith in Blake Bortles?

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It's almost color rush time!!!11 Tomorrow night the Titans head to EverBank Field in Jacksonville to take on a Jaguars team that is still in the hunt for the division title. Yep, that's how bad the AFC South is this year. It's a sad place.

Ryan Day of Big Cat Country was nice enough to answer 5 questions about his Jaguars for us:

1. I haven't gotten to see Blake Bortles play much, but his fantasy football numbers are really good. How is he playing in "real life" football? Are the Jaguars convinced he is a franchise quarterback?

Oh yes. Blake Bortles has had far more good games than bad this year and when he's on, he's on. I think the fact that the offense is on pace to break every franchise passing record should tell you everything you need to know about Bortles' future here in Jacksonville and the confidence we, as a city, have in him.

Bortles is certainly a high variance player, which is to say his ceiling is high but his floor is just as low. But I think he's progressed well enough this year to instill confidence in his future going forward.

2. There has been a lot of optimism around the Jags the last couple of years, but the wins haven't been there. Is Gus Bradley on the hot seat?

I thought so. If I were the owner, he would be. But owner Shad Khan has given Bradley every vote of confidence and the way the organization is structured, Khan is the one in charge of hiring or firing the head coach... not general manager Dave Caldwell as many think. Bradley will likely be the head coach in 2016 and I'm confused. But we're also one game out of the AFC South lead so who knows? Chaos, right?

3. Allen Robinson seems to be on the cusp of being in the conversation of the league's best receivers. Do you think he is ready to be mentioned with the elite? What makes him so good?

I think so. It seems every game Robinson is making plays that no one else on the Jaguars can make. I don't only think he's ready, I think he's currently being discussed as one of the top receivers in the game.

But let's not forget about Allen Hurns opposite him. He's one of the most dependable, most consistent, and toughest receivers in the league and he complements Robinson so well. Without Hurns, Robinson doesn't excel to the level he has so far.

4. I have to ask about my boy T.J. Yeldon. How has he looked so far? Do you see him as a feature back?

Absolutely. There's no doubt in my mind that given a better offensive line, Yeldon can be the feature back the Jaguars have been lacking over the last few years.

5. Give us a player that will have an impact on this game that we have never heard of.

Hmmm. I'll go with Rashad Greene. With Hurns playing, but a little banged up, and with Marqise Lee playing like an undrafted free agent, I can see rookie wide receiver Greene quite a few targets on Thursday night. Look for him to play out of the slot and catch some passes over the middle.

Bonus: Write the headline in Friday's Tennessean.

The Jaguars proving they're the only Ten-I-See in AFC South after 27-17 win.

Thanks to Ryan for taking the time to answer the questions.  My answers to his questions will be posted over at BCC later today.